Erik Palm is an award-winning journalist and author who has produced investigative documentaries for major national TV and radio channels in Sweden, including SVT, SR, Dagens Industri, and TV4. He holds a position as lecturer in Investigative, Documentary and News journalism at Stockholm University.

The Big Boss-Så tog Stefan Persson H&M ut i världen och blev Sveriges rikaste person. ISBN: 978-91-1-307657-7

He has co-written and investigative portrait of H&M owner Stefan Persson and the winning H&M culture which also has been described as cult-like with exaggerated control of the employees in the book "The Big Boss- How Stefan Persson took H&M out into the world and became Sweden's richest person" for Norstedts publishing house.

He produced the investigative SVT-documentary about Carema, ”Vi gav dom vår pappa - We gave them our dad” which revealed improper care methods where the elderly residents had been neglected while managers focused on cutting costs to get bonuses and gave false reports on staffing levels. Three managers at Carema got fired during the investigation. Here is a news article about the film in English. The film led to a national debate about Private Equity owned nursing home chains. In 2013 Erik released a book based on his films that got great reviews.

Caremaskandalen - riskkapitalets fantastiska resa i äldrevården ISBN 978 91 7331 538 8

He was researcher in an investigative SVT-project about IKEA, ”Made in Sweden” Erik found the trust in Liechtenstein that controls the company. The Interogo trust was a secret for decades that many international investigative teams had failed to reveal. The film was IRE awards finalist and won a silver medal at silver medal at New York festivals.

IRE awards finalist and won silver medel at New York festivals.

He has investigated the cocaine traficking and the violonce around it, "Cocaine wars", in Sweden and Belgium with De Tijd and Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project OCCRP. And Philip Morris lobbying and secret marketing methods. And many other topics in foremost the business world.

He was researcher and reporter on the SVT documentaries about the secret reason for the extinction of "The last eel" that was finalist for multiple national awards.

Erik was a speaker at the GIJC2023 Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Gothenbrug.

With his network in Scandinavia, Europe in investigative work, he takes assignments from print, online and broadcast media, primarily as a reporter or producer.

Erik can produce articles and reportage in Swedish and English. Erik also can do interviews and read materials in German and French.

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